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Our dry goods are perfectly blended with the highest quality European black truffle.

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  1. New
    Black Truffle Seaweed Tempura 60g - Snacks
    In stock
    Seaweed pieces dipped in light and crispy batter mixed with black truffle for a unique tempura experience.
  2. New
    Black Truffle Popcorn 40g - Vegetarian & Gluten Free Snacks
    In stock
    Delicious popcorn nibbles coated with our own specially developed black truffle powder, a perfect vegetarian & gluten free snack.
  3. Black Truffle Crisps (100g) - Gourmet Snack Food
    In stock
    Black Truffle crisps from locally grown English potatoes.  Then sprinkled with TruffleHunter's specially developed Black Truffle Powder for that true truffle flavour.
  4. Porcini Strozzapreti (250g) Mushroom Gourmet Pasta
    In stock
    Handmade Strozzapreti made in San Ginesio by the local pasta makers at Terra Nostra.
  5. Best Seller
    Black Truffle Pasta (250g) - Tagliatelle Gourmet Food
    In stock
    Authentic Italian tagliatelle pasta, expertly infused with the highest quality Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum).